How to use a Transfer by Affidavit in Wisconsin

If a family member passes away with a relatively small estate, it is often not necessary to open an Informal or Formal Probate action in Probate Court. Rather, you may be able to simply use a Transfer by Affidavit. A Transfer by Affidavit can generally be used when the person who passed away left behind […]

Family Law Mediators Can Now Draft Settlement Documents

Last month, the Wisconsin Supreme Court approved a petition to allow mediators in divorce cases to draft and file settlement agreements. This will change the current rule that requires parties to obtain their own attorneys to draft agreements after mediation, or else attempt to write the agreements themselves. This rule will give divorcing couples more affordable options […]

Make it a New Years Resolution to Finally Do Your Estate Planning

I was recently interviewed by Milwaukee TMJ4 News as part of a story about the importance of estate planning, including completing Powers of Attorney. Many people make it a New Years Resolution to finally complete their planning. Here is a link to the story that aired last Friday.

What Are the Steps of Filing for Divorce in Wisconsin?

1.  File the Divorce Petition. In Wisconsin, there two models for filing a divorce.  Either both spouses act as “Joint Petitioners” and file a Joint Petition together, or else one spouse (the “Petitioner”) files a Summons & Petition and serves it on the other spouse (the “Respondent”). There is actually very little difference between these two systems. With a […]

4 Things That Need to Be in Every Will

No two Wills are exactly alike. However, every well-written Will will need to do these four things: A Will Must Nominate A Personal Representative Also known as an Executor, a Personal Representative is the person responsible for administering your will – the person who will file the probate action and who will be in charge of […]