Elder Law

Elder law is a complex area of law that is constantly evolving at both the state and federal level. Lippow Law Offices, LLC has the experience and expertise to help you with the difficult decisions that you and your loved ones face as you age. Whether you are preparing for retirement, dealing with a serious illness, or are concerned about the well-being of an aging relative, we can provide guidance in a caring and compassionate manner.

Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning

An extended stay in a nursing home can be financially devastating for a family. People with very substantial assets may be able to manage this cost, and people with very few resources are generally eligible for state assistance. However, families who are somewhere in the middle of this spectrum can be put in a very difficult position, and they often can benefit from counseling and advance planning.

We take a personalized, practical approach with our clients to address problems such as:

  • How to ensure you qualify for Medicaid benefits should it be necessary to pay for nursing home or other long-term care.
  • How to protect your assets when receiving Medicaid benefits so you can best provide for your own needs beyond what Medicaid covers.
  • How to ensure you can pass on as much of your estate as possible to your heirs, even after receiving Medicaid coverage for your nursing home expenses.
  • How to determine whether long-term care insurance may be available to meet your future needs.

Adult Guardianships

It may be necessary to obtain legal guardianship over a parent or other relative when they are faced with a debilitating illness. This is a sensitive, complex area of law that requires an attorney with both expertise and compassion. We can assist with the process of petitioning the court to appoint you as a guardian over a relative who is no longer able to care for their own well-being.